#ROK, #Japan and #China to Hold 3rd Trilateral Cyber Policy Consultation

1. The third Republic of Korea-Japan-China Cyber Policy Consultation will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on February 10. The head delegates to the meeting from the ROK, Japan and China will be Ambassador for International Security Affairs Shin Maeng-ho, Ambassador in charge of Cyber Policy Mizushima Koichi and Coordinator for Cyber Affairs Long Zhou of the Foreign Ministries of the three countries, respectively.

2. The forthcoming Policy Consultation will cover cyber threats and the cyber security environments of the ROK, Japan, China and others; cyber policies of the three countries; international norms regarding cyber space and confidence-building measures; the progress in regional and global discussions on cyber matters and the relevant positions of the three countries; and potential areas for trilateral cooperation.

° Also among the agenda will be North Korea’s cyber threat that is developing into an advanced persistent threat; and, in view of the rapidly changing cyber environment of late, cyber security threats to major infrastructure facilities and the Internet of things (IoT), as well as the need for joint responses to such threats.

3. At their first and second Cyber Policy Consultations, the three countries exchanged in-depth views on various cyber-related topics, including pending threats and joint investigations. The upcoming meeting is expected to serve as an opportunity to discuss specific ways for law enforcement agencies of the three countries to work together, to respond to cyber crimes, to prepare for Olympic Games, and to upgrade their level of mutual trust in cyber space.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea

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