Malaria Day Marked in DPRK

An event took place here on Thursday on Malaria Day.

Attending it were officials of the Ministry of Public Health, public organizations and media, officials concerned and staff members of missions of international organizations here including the acting representatives of WHO and UNICEF and foreign embassy officials here.

The speakers said that the WHO set forth “Let us put an end to Malaria” as the theme for this year, thereby providing an occasion to contribute to promoting the health of humankind.

They called upon all the people to aquire ample hygienic knowledge on Malaria and take an active part in the work for preventing and treating Malaria.

Then followed a briefing on the activities for preventing Malaria in the DPRK and the orientation of combating it this year.

After watching a video dealing with the work for preventing Malaria, the participants enjoyed a performance given by a schoolchildren’s hygienic information group.

Meanwhile, information service to prevent Malaria took place at hygienic information houses and preventive and curative medical organs of different levels on the same day.

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Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
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