Vientiane Vision: #Japan’s #Defense Cooperation Initiative with #ASEAN

The Vientiane Vision is a guiding principle for Japan’s defense cooperation with ASEAN, announced as Japan’s own initiative by Defense Minister Inada at the second ASEAN-Japan Defence Ministers’ Informal Meeting held in Vientiane, Lao PDR on 16 November 2016. The vision for the first time shows, in a transparent manner, the full picture of the future direction of defense cooperation with the ASEAN as a whole in the priority fields.
The vision was welcomed by all the participating countries of ASEAN, and those Defense Ministers agreed to further enhance defense cooperation among Japan and ASEAN.

Outline of the Vientiane Vision

  • ◯ Japan-ASEAN defense exchanges started from 1990s enhancing mutual understanding, and it developed to cover more practical and operational defense cooperation with ASEAN member states from 2000s. Since 2010s, defense cooperation has been deepened through starting new projects such as capacity building cooperation with further specific and practical activities and promoting multilateral cooperation through regional frameworks such as ADMM-Plus. It has been more important to maintain the tradition of Japan-ASEAN partnership and cooperation and enhance defense cooperation with a creative spirit under this vision.
  • ◯ In addition to the cooperation with “Individual ASEAN Member States,” “ASEAN-Wide” cooperation will be expanded through promoting practical cooperation. In order to contribute to regional peace, security and prosperity, future Japan-ASEAN defense cooperation will be focused on the following three points:
    • 1 To consolidate the order based on the principles of international law governing peaceful conduct among states, Japan supports ASEAN efforts to uphold principles of international law, especially in the field of maritime and air space
    • 2 To promote maritime security which is a foundation for the regional peace and prosperity, Japan supports ASEAN efforts to build up capabilities for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Search and Rescue (SAR) at sea and air space
    • 3 To cope with increasingly diversifying and complex security issues, Japan supports ASEAN efforts to build up capabilities in various fields
  • ◯ Practical defense cooperation is conducted by effectively combining the following diverse measures:
    • 1 Sharing understanding and experience regarding international law, especially in the field of maritime security, through i.e. conducting researches and sponsoring seminars, etc., with a view to its effective implementation.
    • 2 Conducting capacity building cooperation in various fields such as HA/DR, PKO, landmine and UXO clearance, cybersecurity, defense buildup planning (sharing know-how), etc.
    • 3 Transferring equipment and technology, developing human resources regarding defense equipment and technology Cooperation , holding seminars on defense industries, etc.
    • 4 Continued participation in multilateral joint training and exercises, inviting ASEAN observers to Self-Defense Forces’ training, etc.
    • 5 Inviting Opinion Leaders from ASEAN, etc.
  • ◯ The Japan-ASEAN Defense Vice-Ministerial Forum will follow up on this initiative, while the MOD will promote institutional development to better address such cooperation.



Source: Ministry of Defense of Japan

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